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A quick thank you to all my clients who have taken the time to write (and record!) their thoughts. And an even bigger thank you for the trust you put in yourself and the process. You all ROCK! 🙂

I was in a place of complete overwhelm before I met Lara

“I was a start up business owner in a place of complete overwhelm – at least I was until I met Lara Veltkamp. This woman knows her stuff, and came at a time when I totally needed her. She had so many valuable nuggets of wisdom to share, and was able to express them in a way that was digestible, clear and concise, and left me feeling empowered and inspired again. In less than an hour, I had a full-on strategy – and marketing plan – where I knew what I needed to do, what my priorities were, and how I could do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you get the opportunity to work with her: do it!”

– Carol Schulte, speaker, trainer and founder of Women Living Big (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

video testimonial: Carol Schulte’s comments 


Rediscovered my passion – and increased revenue by 25% in just 2 months!

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and my business. Before I came to the retreat, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and truthfully, feeling somewhat like a fraud running a business because I didn’t know how to move our 7-yr-old business forward. In two amazing days, you helped me get focused, rediscover my passion, and gave me the tools I need to move ahead confidently as we grow. I’m even more thrilled to report that – because of what you helped me with – we have seen a full 25% increase in revenue in just two months since the workshop, and an opportunity is on the table that we could only have dreamed of! I can’t stop smiling, and I can’t stop thanking you!”

– Summer McPhee-Markle, The Renwick Group (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)


Much more effective at building my own road map to greater results

“It has been my great pleasure to have worked with Lara for the past six months on strategic planning  and strategies. While I have been successful in sales and sales management in the past, I have always felt that I lacked some of the strategic skills that would be necessary to achieve greater levels of success. Lara has been extremely effective in developing those skills during our working sessions. Her ability to communicate the concepts clearly and in a highly relevant context has been key to aiding in my growth as a sales manager. I now know that I am much more effective at building my own road map to greater results, and equally importantly, have the skills to lead my sales team down that same road. Lara’s ability to challenge me to examine my own pre-conceptions and habits has resulted in a much greater focus and higher effectiveness in my daily routine. I would not hesitate to recommend Lara to anyone looking to exchange career mediocrity for long term excellence.”

– Rob Holness, Sales Manager, Toronto

Another Record-Breaking Year!

“I was looking through my notes from our strategy session [in 2012], and thought I’d say hello. It’s been another record-breaking year for us in la Belle Province. I have to admit, you’ve had a big impact!”

– Rod Sabourin, Div. Dir. Quebec, ND Graphics

You made my MBA relevant!

“The 2-day strategy session with Lara was very helpful. Lara showed us theory and the model to set up the final model to set up the final marketing strategy. I have learned this at [a University business school’s] MBA program, but the difference is that the way that Lara showed us was very helpful, very practical. Thank you Lara!”

– Janice Jiang, The Fresh Tea Shop (Canada)

video testimonial:  The Fresh Tea Shop’s Janice Jiang


I rediscovered my passion for my 25+ year business, and then I got my business running so well, I was able to take FOUR months off!

“I’m so impressed with the Boldly Focused Entrepreneur program. This course had a big impact not only on my business, but on my personal life, which in itself is exciting. I’ve been in the tree industry for a long time (about 25 years), in a fairly successful and a comfortable place, but putting in a lot of my time into the business and not feeling very passionate about the business at all. I was searching for a solution to that, and I came across the program from Lara (she’s amazing by the way). My biggest thing I feel I’ve gotten from the course was reconnecting with my business again, getting passionate about my business again, which is so important. This course isn’t just a business course, it’s about your life too. If you’re feeling stuck like I was, you should just jump in. It will be worth it. It was for me.”

– Ken Walters, Ken’s Tree Service (Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA)


Exactly what I needed! No more “chicken and egg” loop!

“This is the second time I’ve attended a session with Lara, and once again, it was exactly what I needed, at just the right time. I’ve been going over a “chicken or egg” loop… Lara got me back to my true centre: the clients I help. THANK YOU!”

– Crystal-Marie Sealy, Successiory Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Moving to the Next Level

“The Retreat has been fantastic – and very practical. It’s pointed out exactly what I need to do and how I can accomplish my goals to get to the next level. It was very much worth my time and investment… I’d actually like to come back again and do it for another level! I wholeheartedly recommend this program for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

– Katie Tingley, The Tingley Advantage (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Tools To Drive You Forward

“This has been different than any other event. It was well-facilitated, and there were lots of opportunities to take messages, tools and skill sets away. Make the investment in yourself and in your business… it will certainly give you the tools to drive you forward.”

– Darryl Culley, Emergency Management and Training Inc. (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Totally Different from any Event – Inspirational

“The Retreat is totally different than any event I’ve been to because I’ve never had this much information in this [short] period of time before. Lara was inspirational with the value she gave to the group. It’s been way more information than I expected to be able to use. Being part of the energy here has given me more energy… it’s been fabulous.  This retreat was worth my time and investment, and for anyone considering attending… just sign up! You’ll be glad you did.”

– Katherine Joy Porath, Katherine Joy Interiors (Newmarket/Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Taking away valuable marketing strategies – and a new mindset!

“The Retreat was absolutely worth every penny. I have taken away valuable marketing strategies, … and a new mindset!  Great friendships have been created, [along with] new strategies. It’s a completely new way to network, and a great way to grow your business. If you are someone who wishes to come to the retreat for the first time, come with an open mind, good energy, and expect to leave a changed person.”

– Sinda Simpson, ESS Direct (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)


In Happy Chaos!

“I just want to thank you again for taking time and providing me with the outline I needed to continue forward and grow this business. With your advice, we are currently relocating to a visible location, hiring a part-time person, knee deep in QuickBooks, and have bookings, as the referrals keep coming, even in areas we haven’t been before. This looks to be a great year – and I wanted to take a moment in the happy chaos to thank you!”

– Kirsten Stoll Trout, The Lily Pad Flower Shop (McKinney, Texas, USA)


What powerful information! I hope she writes a book!

I have been attending the ‘Watershed’ workshops offered by BKI – Newmarket Chamber. These workshops have been presented by a very impressive young woman named Lara Veltkamp. Lara’s material has been presented in a clear methodical simple delivery. But what powerful information! I have literally walked out of each workshop renewed, revitalized and able to use to information/ techniques that day. My time has been well spent. Although I am a small business owner, all Lara’s advice applies to my needs as well as corporate attendees who were obviously enjoying Lara’s professional, thorough, easy going, way of relating to her audience. This young woman is dynamic, on her way up! Catch a rising star and sign up for one of her training seminars. I hope she writes a book!

– Anne Martin, Owner of Teddy Bears Picnic Childcare and Martin Studios – Music School (Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)

Other shared comments

“Thank you for all of your advice a few months ago. It’s no wonder you’re so successful at what you do – you have a gift. Many hugs for sharing it with me.”

“Lara shared an interesting and fun way to communicate our unique value proposition. Her energy is contagious and I loved her creativity.”

“Your energy is contagious! Thank you for so generously sharing your experience and expertise… you are the Real Deal!”

“A number of challenges last week really got me off my focus, but the energy in you was incredibly uplifting. I went back to the office rejuvenated and walked in on fire. It was a very productive afternoon, that included a great start up meeting with our BC client. I love your energy. Thank you!”

“Awesome today!! Can’t wait for tomorrow :). Thank You!!! Just texted a colleague telling her it was the best money we’ve spent! You’re the best! Worth every penny, whatever it was :)” – Women’s Centre of York Region Enterprising Women Program Director

“I am incredibly appreciative that you took time out of your busy schedule to meet with me… and share so much valuable wisdom and expertise! I left pumped and on a high. You have a contagious energy – know what you’re talking about and are still so down-to-earth. And FUN! Thank you!”



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