Dec 122012

After goal setting and researching, you should feel ready to commit to exhibiting at a specific show. Now the real work begins…it’s time to plan your marketing strategy. Here are 4 key ingredients to successful planning: Continue reading »

Dec 052012

So, you’ve defined your target audience and expectations of exhibiting (see Tip 1 – Trade Shows post). Now it’s time to figure out whether a certain show or conference is right for your business investment.  Continue reading »

Exhibiting Tip #1: Set your goals

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Dec 052012

[Note to reader: This post series first aired on Watershed Marketing Group’s first wordpress blog site in 2010. We’ve given it a new home here, and updated the content where relevant. – ed.]

So, how can you know whether a trade (or consumer, etc.) show is a good investment? How can you make the most of the investment once you’ve committed to exhibit?  We’ll be posting a series of 6 tips that will help you navigate the murky waters of decision-making as relates to exhibiting.

Here’s tip #1: Continue reading »

Feb 282012

You’ve heard it from me before: if you want your marketing to be successful, you need to get clear on your messaging. And that starts with a strong understanding who your ideal customer is, as well as what motivates and influences them not only to buy the product (or service) you offer, but to buy from you specifically.

If the first step is getting clear about who your ideal client is (the person you most want to work with and what it is about them that makes this the case), the second is in identifying the pain/problem(s) they have for which you or your product/service is a solution. These two steps are a critical. Ignore at your peril.  🙂

Jeff Sexton has written a good article that sums up the problem identification well, which will help you with your messaging anywhere you choose to promote.

Btw, should you be exhibiting in an upcoming Home Show (or even if you’re not), Jeff  uses a highly relevant example of a landscaping services company.

Here’s the article published via  Sales Tip: Understand What Your Customers Hope to Buy – by Jeff Sexton.

To your success!


In Summary…A Show Planning Timeline

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Nov 242010

Over the past few days we’ve shared some tips for making your show a success.

We’ve suggested ways to establish your expectations , how to select shows in which to participate, and how to be strategic in marketing at your chosen show.

We talked about how to prepare your staff for the show – ensuring that they ‘WOW’ your audience – and have a good time doing it!

Finally, we reminded you about following up – following up with leads, following up with the press, following up with your VIPs and clients who were invited but couldn’t attend. Remembering to properly conclude your show by capitalizing on the potential the show generated is truly of the utmost importance.

The only thing you could be missing at this point is a timeline…but never fear! We came across this well-crafted piece on trade show timelines on Note: depending on the size and duration of the show (or conference) you’re considering, the timelines could be adjusted.

Happy planning!

Trade Show Planning Timeline.