Build Your Success Roadmap

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Apr 122016
How many times have you wished you had someone with experience help you figure out what it is you need to do next, or what you should focus on?
Or simply wish you had someone objective and knowledgeable to bounce around those brilliant and crazy ideas you have swimming in your head?
Or wished you felt in control of your business and not drowning in priorities?
I was in a place of complete overwhelm before I met Lara” – Carol Schulte, Women Living Big
Now you can. Join me for ONE brilliant day, where we will get you prepared to propel your business forward with clarity and focus. Oh, and you get to keep your sanity :).  No more “strategic planning.” No more only “good intentions.”
It’s time to build your Roadmap to Success!
It’s been another record-breaking year for us. I have to admit, you’ve had a big impact!” – Rod Sabourin, ND Graphics
Together with me and up to 9 of your peers, you will:
  • Get clear: define what success really looks like for your business and your lifestyle
  • Get focused: set your 3-5 BIG goals for the next 4 quarters
  • Get real: identify the roadblocks that may hold you back and what to do about them
My promise to you is if you play full out, you will leave the one day session with your high-level strategy and plan – quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month – that will help you to NOT fail, with the added bonus of a small accountability group to help you stay committed.
Investment:  $495 $295+HST
I want to build my Roadmap!
Don’t wait. This one day WILL change the way you think about your future.
I just want to thank you again for taking time and providing me with the outline I needed to continue forward and grow this business. With your advice, we are currently relocating to a visible location, hiring a part-time person, and have bookings, as the referrals keep coming, even in areas we haven’t been before. This looks to be a great year – and I wanted to take a moment in the happy chaos to thank you!” – Kirsten Stoll Trout, The Lily Pad Flower Shop

One Day “Get It Done!” Sessions

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Nov 172015

“Being the boss has it’s perks. Kicking your own butt isn’t one of them.” – Lara Veltkamp

If you’re like me (and I KNOW you are!), you know you need to plan, fully intend to plan, badly want to plan… but the distractions mount preventing it happening in full … and there’s no one to guide you through those tricky areas you’re just not sure of, nor is your boss kicking your butt to get it finished (or possibly even started). Am I right?

Everyone talks about planning, yet it seems only successful businesses do it. Small business owners are the worst for not getting it done. Why do we make it into this big mind game where we become overwhelmed, discouraged, or frustrated? Is it truly surprising that we don’t finish the job (neither of the planning, nor of our goals)? “Enough!” I say.

“We either need inspiration or desperation to make a change.” – Tony Robbins

Whether inspired or desperate, if you are truly committed to making a change for your business (and your sanity), I’m here to give you as much support as you need. I’ve taken the “big rocks” of strategic planning for a small business, and broken them out into individual, digestible chunks for you in one day workshops, so you get clear, get focused, get real about what it will take to reach your goals… and then GET IT DONE – with the support you need in the area(s) you most need it. Each workshop stands on it’s own, but as a series will rock your world.

I invite you to take one workshop, take a couple, or take them all! You know what you need, and where you need the most help. It’s entirely up to you. Here are the one day focus (and working!) sessions:

Session 1: Build Your Success Roadmap in ONE DAY!

  • Get clear: define what success really looks like for your business and your lifestyle
  • Get focused: set your 3-5 BIG goals for the next 4 quarters
  • Get real: identify the roadblocks that may hold you back and what to do about them
Leave with: your high-level strategy and plan – quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month – that will help you to NOT fail, and a small accountability group to help you stay committed.
Investment:  $495 $295+HST
I want to build my Roadmap!

Session 2: Get Clear on Who You Attract and What They Need From You – Create Your Ideal Client Profile in ONE DAY!

  • Get clear: who are you attracting and why? are they the “right” fit for you?
  • Get focused: identify their PPC (pains, problems and challenges) and the solutions you offer that address their PPC
  • Get real: how do you craft your messaging for these ideal clients, and where to put that message so it’s visible
Leave with: up to 3 ideal client profiles, complete with messaging, ready to use to focus!
Investment:  $495 +HST

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Session 3: What you REALLY Need to do to Market for Success? Build your 2016 client engagement plan in ONE DAY!

  • Get clear: identify each ideal client
  • Get focused: build a repeatable process (funnel) for their experience with you, and understand what you need to measure
  • Get real: understand what system(s) and process(es) you need to achieve results, and schedule the milestones into your sales cycle

Leave with: a clear plan for connecting (and staying connected) with your clients for the year!

Investment: $495 +HST
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Session 4: Plan your 2016 social media and online content IN ONE DAY!

  • Get clear: know where you’ll post and why
  • Get focused: identify what to post to attract your ideal client, and to make your online content into a simple, easily-managed system for you (emphasis on simple and easy. Really. You’ll be shocked.)
  • Get real: tools and resources best suited for your needs to ensure the job gets done

Leave with: 1Q of posts ready to go, and a system/structure for next 3Qs that you will complete in less than 4h per quarter!

Investment: $495 +HST
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Session 5: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects, then Get Out – and STAY Out – of Overwhelm!

  • Get clear: what triggers you, what excites you, what sends you into overwhelm
  • Get focused: what do you want to see happen
  • Get clear: what do you need to do to maintain your focus every day

Leave with: a new understanding of why overwhelm happens and what to do about it when you’re in it to move through it quickly.

Investment: $495 +HST
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For those who are prepared to ROCK 2016, and are ready to commit to the full series, I’m committed to giving you even better value! In addition to the ridiculously low price of $2,250+HST (which is almost 10% off!), I’ll also give you a private 1-hour coaching session with me, to use within the first 3 months following the series.
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Note: seating is limited. Don’t delay in securing your seat!

Collaborative Brands

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Oct 152013

I was having a conversation with my team last week about how our clients often struggle with finding their online voice, and how important that voice is in engaging one’s ideal client – or “tribe” – or “followers” – or any other name one might have for our audience.

As we discussed, dissected, and theorized (plenty of caffeine was flowing that day!), the conversation turned to the inevitable “what is a brand?” – and is the client’s perception and their experience the truth of what a brand is? Which led to all sorts of tangents, culminating with what is a business, really?

I truly believe that any company is a series of collaborations: between vendor and client, between colleagues, between media and consumer… essentially a series of collaborations between stakeholders. And that can be a very large dynamic.

Which led us full circle back to the original discussion around our online voice, and how do we effectively engage and collaborate.

There are a lot of opinions out there, I’ll admit… (some juicy discussion as well, caffeine-induced or not), and I found this particular article written by Brandon Evans (founder and CEO of Crowdtap) a great place to start.

Happy reading!

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Dec 122012

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Dec 052012

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