About Lara


Lara Veltkamp helps small (but mightily committed!) business owners realize their big visions by connecting their passions with their markets, sharing their hearts and stories, and creating client champions in the process. For more than two decades, she’s been helping entrepreneurs bring out the best in their communities by bringing out the best in themselves. In doing so, she’s earned her clients’ nickname of “small business therapist”.

As the founder of Watershed Marketing Group Inc., one of Canada’s leading-edge strategic marketing and consulting firms for small businesses, Lara Veltkamp is a seasoned industry professional whose practical marketing strategies enable a growing clientele to enjoy tangible results with new and valued customers by creating a sustainable advantage within their marketplace.

Lara is a highly respected and sought after industry expert whose training sessions and seminars impart her full spectrum of personal experience and marketing savvy upon small business entrepreneurs looking to successfully capture mindshare of their market.

The key to a successful marketing campaign is in how you engage with your client. Yet many businesses repeatedly focus on the wrong things — costing them time, money and ultimately leading to frustration and disappointment.

With the tenacity and insight for helping equip small-business owners, organizations, and corporations realize their marketing goals; Lara’s holistic approach to achieving a winning strategy has been setting the parameters for marketing, sales and strategic planning in both the public and private sectors for over two decades.

As a successful entrepreneur, an experienced marketing strategist and trainer, and an industry philanthropist, what’s her secret to implementing a successful marketing campaign?

Focus on achievable marketing strategies, and plan for ~ and initiate! ~ actionable ideas. Obvious? Absolutely! But often new and growing companies miss their objective by focusing on the ‘prize’ and not on the customer’s wants and needs.

Currently on a mission to positively impact the businesses – and lives – of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs by the end of 2016 through her speaking and mentoring programs, Lara welcomes big thinkers for collaboration.

Lara’s Story

After a long and successful career leading marketing and sales strategies for both large and privately-held companies in Canada and the United States, Lara Veltkamp founded Watershed Marketing Group Inc. in 1998.

Watershed Marketing Group Inc. is a leading-edge marketing and strategic planning agency offering marketing and communications services in: project management, creative and web-design, event support, business consulting, and training.

Under her direction, Watershed enjoys exponential growth with over 100 clients in Canada and the US in a variety of sectors including: robotics, insurance, finance, health, automotive, not-for-profit, manufacturing, distribution, and retail services.

Lara continues to lend her invaluable expertise to thousands of attendees at marketing and business workshops across Canada.

Making The Time

In addition to running a lucrative marketing firm and leading business workshops and seminars across the country, Lara Veltkamp is the mother of two off-the-chart energetic school-age boys and volunteers her time to a number of community and not-for-profit organizations, including:

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